SEO Tips for Formatting Blog Posts

This post gives some SEO tips for formatting your blog posts. What’s SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” the quasi-science recommending how your website can achieve a high ranking in Google search reports.  You want your website to appear in the first page of links when a search term is fed to Google.  Why […]

Ten Basic Tips for Blogging with WordPress

This post will be of interest to new bloggers in general, but particularly to those who are blogging with WordPress. The word “blog” derives from the words, “web” and “log”. If you’re new to blogging you might want to keep the following ten tips in mind: 1. Write a blog post regularly, and as often […]

Will the New Search Algorithm from Google Change SEO Recommendations?

I’ve used the popular WordPress Yoast SEO plugin for a long time, and found it helpful in placing keywords or phrases strategically in my posts so that the Google search engines would give them higher page rankings. However, I just watched a video about the new search algorithm from Google, called Hummingbird.  Experts agreed that […]