Beware Email Appearing to Come from Dropbox

Beware email appearing to come from Dropbox.  A gang of hackers from China may be pfishing you by sending you a fake but very authentic looking email.  If you open the document in that email, your Dropbox account will become stage number one in a two-stage attempt to use a WordPress blog as the host […]

Our Government is Spying on Us Illegally

Our government is spying on us illegally.  On this anniversary of our independence from England, our country’s birthday, I share this video to raise awareness that our country is embarked on a dangerous path, spying on its own citizens without due process, according to our constitution. Polls indicate that most citizens are willing to sacrifice […]

How to Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

  Frequent logging into a favorite website can get tedious if you have to enter a password every time.  To manage saved passwords in Google Chrome you have to know where the passwords are stored, and how to change them.  It’s easy!  Just follow the steps below: Locating the Settings to Manage Saved Passwords in […]