Three Free Internet Time Saving Tools

If you visit a lot of websites in your daily work you might like to try these three free internet time saving tools: Instapaper Last Pass Now Do This Instapaper Instapeper is a free service that instantly copies the content of a webpage you are viewing and pastes that content into a running list of […]

Let Me Tell You About Linux

Let me tell you about Linux.  No, not Linus, that little “Peanuts” nebbish with a blanket.  Linux! That’s a free operating system that you can install all by yourself.  “And why would I want to do that?”” you may ask.  Well, here’s how I came to Linux, back in the 80s when it was just […]

Free and Easy Bookkeeping Solutions for the Small Business Owner

If you’re tired of having to buy expensive upgrades to your accounting software, which is far too complex for your simple business needs anyway, then check out these free and easy bookkeeping solutions: is a server-based accounting resource that’s made for small business owners who aren’t bookkeepers and need a really simple way of […]