How to Download Photos from

This post tells how to download photos from But first, a note about how photos are catalogued there. How Photos Are Cataloged at   The smallest groupings are called “sets”. Name the sets whatever you want. This is the basic way of grouping photos. The next biggest grouping is collections. Collections contain sets. […]

Better Sound and Smoother Video from My Nikon D5100

I bought a Nikon D5100 to explore DSLR video production without breaking my piggy bank. Soon I discovered that taking good video with a DSLR is a lot harder than with my video camcorder, for two reasons:  I needed better sound and smoother video. Better Sound 1. Most DSLRs, including the D5100, do not have […]

How to Make a Narrated Photo Film

This CyberKenBlog post tells how to make a narrated photo film. A photo film is a video made entirely with still images. If you saw Ken Burns’ public TV film series about the Civil War, featuring still photographs from that period, which he panned and zoomed to give an impression of movement (now called the […]