Using Amazon S3 for Streaming Large Files

If you have tried streaming large files such as selections of music from the server that hosts your website files, you have probably noticed that this slows down your site’s performance.  Pages load slower.  Slow loading tends to reduce traffic to your site.  So you may want to check out Amazon’s S3 service.  S3 charges […]

Working with Expired Film

When the clouds come out I love to put a polarizing filter on my Nikon F3 and shoot with slide film.  Film looks less crisp than digital, a bit more like a painting, it seems to me.  Plus, I love to work with a well made classic metal camera.  It’s a slower, more meditative way […]

How to Use Dictation Software Outdoors for Fast News Reporting

In my last post at CyberKen Blog I wrote about how to talk to your Dragon dictation software untethered, that is,  using a portable recording device–either a digital recorder like my Olympus LS-10,  or an older tape cassette one–and later playing your dictation files into Dragon.  Employing dictation this way worked just fine for me indoors. […]