Formatting Tips to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

There are many ways to increase your website’s traffic. This CyberkenBlog post covers a few of those with regard to formatting. Use blog posts rather than static pages to display your educational material As much as possible you want to present educational material in blog posts. Blog posts are easy to tag, which makes them […]

How to Edit Galleries and Slideshows in WordPress

Want to edit galleries and slideshows in WordPress?  Here are the detailed instructions: Here’s how to make a slideshow on a page: Log into your WordPress website. If you have already created a page that you want to contain a slideshow, click on that page’s link, then click on “edit page” in the black bar […]

How to Put an External Link in a WordPress Navigation Menu

Do you know how to put an external link in a WordPress navigation menu? (On most WordPress sites that’s the horizontal menu that runs across the top of the page.) Ordinarily the links in that menu connect to pages or posts of the site. You might want, however, to link to some external resource on […]