Recent WordPress Security Issues Reported by

Although WordPress has been making important security progress, such as promoting strong passwords and implementing automatic updates, there are still some recent WordPress security issues reported by  I have permission to quote from their recent newsletter: We have several new WordPress related vulnerabilities to report. When we use the phrase “in the wild”, we […]

How to Embed the Revised Common Lectionary on Your Church’s Website

Want to post a good schedule of Bible readings for your congregation? Then you might want to know how to embed the Revised Common Lectionary on your church’s website. Follow the steps below and/or watch the video. It’s easy! Note:  The Revised Common Lectionary is an ecumenically selected three-year schedule of Bible readings recommended for […]

How to Manage Several WordPress Websites with Infinite WordPress

If you oversee a number of WordPress websites you might like to read this post on how to manage several WordPress Websites with Infinite WordPress (InfiniteWP). I’m a retired pastor who helps communities of faith and small not-for-profits launch and maintain WordPress websites.  WordPress sites are inexpensive, since the software is free, and they are […]