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What might a Vietnam combat veteran discover about himself as he revisits the country he fought in forty two years ago? TCDavis, a pastor turned photographer, and former naval adviser to a South Vietnamese junk base, reveals his answer in Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam, an exciting and thought-provoking memoir of 22 photo-illustrated reflections.  See my video, Returning to Vietnam.
A reader wrote in her Amazon.com review:
“The book will be of interest to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the effects of war on the individual and the healing journey that comes after. I also found it interesting to read about the Vietnam that has emerged from all those years of war, a vibrant and prosperus place. I highly recommend this book.”

Kindle version here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008Y2FOS4.

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  • Bill Lindsey says:

    Hi there, Great idea! I fondly remember my days in the Air Force as a photographer while stationed in France. I used to go to Nam on TDY to help others at the Base Photolab when they were short on staff. The high temps and the humidity was always a problem. We drank a lot! I did a lot of printing in the darkroom since I was a fast printer and could make 8×10’s zip, zip, zip! That was 1965 and I loved going to Paris and spending nights riding the Metro. Good luck on your plans. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. By the way, I’m working on a video about a young Girl in france during the second World War and her involvement with the French Resistance. It is a video with stills etc.. and narration. Regards, Bill…

  • TCDavis says:

    Hi, Bill
    Thanks for the encouragement. My friends in the Brandywine Photo Collective will be among the first to know when it’s coming out!

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