Sights and Sounds of Brandywine Park

Podcast Powered By Podbean       Please click on the arrow above to hear the symphony of city and sylvan sounds of Brandywine Park, in Wilmington, Delaware.  If you have earphones they will enable you to appreciate the full texture of this recording made with an Olympus LS-10 digital recorder, and mixed with Audacity, […]

A Gorgeous Autumn in Delaware: Digital and Film Photos

I’m fortunate to live alongside Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Delaware.  The park winds for a mile along the Brandywine River, which sports several rapids in that section.  This autumn the reds and golds have lingered longer than usual, owing I think to warmer weather.  The shots in this post give you an idea of the […]

“The Way Home” Prison Ministry of Georgetown, Delaware

This post invites you to take a look at an interfaith ministry in Georgetown, Delaware, called The Way Home.  The Way Home helps ex-convicts start a new life after release from prison.  Prisoners don’t get much help from the state when the prison gate opens and they’re free to walk away–just a little money and […]