How to Download Photos from

This post tells how to download photos from But first, a note about how photos are catalogued there. How Photos Are Cataloged at   The smallest groupings are called “sets”. Name the sets whatever you want. This is the basic way of grouping photos. The next biggest grouping is collections. Collections contain sets. […]

Use the Flickr Set Slideshows Plugin

If you want to do justice to your best photographic work at your WordPress blog, use the Flickr Set Slideshows Plugin. Flickr  is a huge worldwide network of amateur and professional photographers.  At Flickr you can organize your photos in large collections or smaller sets.  Here’s how to display a slideshow of one of your […]

Using Flickr to Post Photos Quickly to Your Blog

Carolina Wren singing in the mornng, a photo by tcd123usa on Flickr. This is a test post to CyberKenBlog using Flickr.  If you have a Flickr account it’s very easy to post pictures there to your blog.  Just click on the picture in your photo stream that you want to post to your blog.  You […]