How to Make a Storyboard with Irfanview, a Freeware Program

Looking for freeware storyboard software?  Irfanview, a fast photo viewing and tagging program, is an excellent choice! What’s a storyboard? Storyboarding is the technique of arranging graphic files in a certain order to tell a story, usually by way of a slideshow or video. Why is special software required to make digital storyboards? Well, when […]

A Free and Excellent RAW Photo Processing Suite: IrfanView, UFRAW, and GIMP

Here are the steps to set up a free and excellent raw photo-processing suite, using IrfanView to sort and write IPTC information, UFRAW, a plugin to read and edit RAW photos, and GIMP, a poor man’s Photoshop. I used this suite to edit the photo of my grandson, at left. Here are the steps to […]

How to Sort and Tag Your Photos with Irfanview

This post tells  how to sort and tag your photos with Irfanview, a great freeware application. Here are some of IrfanView’s best features:   reads Raw files edits IPTC information offers basic photo editing tools, plus special effects and borders creates .ico (favicon) files handles batch operations exports photos by ftp and email This post […]