Lessons for Beginning Photographers: An Introduction

A friend asked whether I’d like to volunteer to teach a beginners’ photography class at a local detention center for youth who have been convicted of a crime.  I’m now in my second month of that assignment, and am enjoying it, not only because it gives me a chance to help youth at risk, but […]

A Gorgeous Autumn in Delaware: Digital and Film Photos

I’m fortunate to live alongside Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Delaware.  The park winds for a mile along the Brandywine River, which sports several rapids in that section.  This autumn the reds and golds have lingered longer than usual, owing I think to warmer weather.  The shots in this post give you an idea of the […]

A Photography and Life Lesson: Anticipating the Decisive Moment

Friends sometimes compliment a photo that has captured a decisive moment, I suppose because they think that my reaction time was extraordinary.  What they may not realize is that reaction time has little to do with capturing just the right  moment in photography.  What counts—I learned this from reading about Cartier Bresson— is anticipating an […]