Using Appropriate Technology for Online Meetings

A friend asked me what was the best way to conduct online meetings.  He asked whether Skype was the way to go.  I told him that Skype was O.K., when it worked, but I hadn’t found it very reliable, and besides, it’s no longer free for multiple party conferencing.  My advice to him was:  Use […]

Free Online Tools and Techniques for Small Group Studies

A friend asked whether I could recommend some online tools to help small groups use the Internet for Bible study.  The mostly free tools and techniques I mention below would be useful for any faith community. I’d suggest that you open a Google group for email discussion.  This form of communication encourages thoughtfulness, because it […]

A Very Low Cost Solution for Distance Learning

This post and a previous one tells about a combination of programs that will give you all you need to conduct distance learning in real time at very little cost, or (depending on how you establish your audio connection) no cost whatever:  Join.Me, Skype, and Usteam. In a previous post I explained how to use […]