Why I Also Shoot Film

A neighbor gave me a good old Minolta manual focus camera a while ago (an SRT 101), so I decided to put a couple of rolls through it, and was pleased with the outcome. Then, since I already had a collection of good Nikon lenses, I decided to buy a Nikon F3, which was produced […]

Jesus, an Honored Muslim Prophet

A Muslim friend sent me a link to an article in the online Journal, The American Muslim, about how many Muslims honor Jesus as a prophet (though not the son of God, and not God incarnate). Under the stated purposes of The American Muslim one finds: . . . to provide a forum for and […]

Using the Internet for Interfaith Peacemaking

When worried American parents reported to authorities that their five sons had been missing for some time, and that they suspected they were intent upon joining militant jihadists in Pakistan, the American public was alerted to the danger of home-grown terrorism. Investigators discovered that in large part the young men were “radicalized” by Internet communications.  […]