How to Really Sell Ebooks: A Short Review for a Short and Useful Ebook

The ebook, How to Really Sell Ebooks, by Jon F. Merz, is a concise, detailed guide for marketing your ebooks through and Barnes and Noble by using Twitter to reach thousands of potential customers. His book is so concise that if I put many details into this review I’ll be stealing the author’s thunder.  […]

Ten Tips for Building Your Twitter Reputation and Following

You can use Twitter for trivial babble, or a strategic networking tool to build your online reputation and increase traffic to your website(s). This CyberKenBlog post includes ten tips for using Twitter the latter way, for whatever business you’re in. Twitter’s a really fast way to get information from people in the know, and to […]

How to Access Your Twitter Stream from Your Chrome Browser

Want to make your Twitter stream more accessible?  Install the free Silver Bird browser extension in your Chrome browser. 1. Open your Chrome browser. 2. At the top right hand you’ll see a little wrench.  Left click on that and select “tools”, and then “extensions”. 3. At the right hand bottom of the window click […]