Why Journalers Should Try Blogging, and How

This post tells why journalers should try blogging, and how.  A blog is a Web log, a journal kept online.  If you’ve already kept a journal with pen and paper, journaling online isn’t that much different. Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to publish. Type some words into window, drop in a picture for […]

How to Make a WordPress Blog Post With Windows Live Writer: Detailed Steps

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a free, offline blog editor, part of the Windows Essentials suite of applications.  This CyberKenBlog post tells the steps to take to publish a WordPress blog post using WLW.  The post will cover the following: Installing and configuring Windows Live Writer Preparing a .txt file of the post content Placing […]

Scribefire: An Excellent Posting Tool for Your Website Team

In this post you’ll learn how Scribefire, a free blogging extension for the Firefox, Chrome, and Sarari browsers, can equip your organization’s website team with a cross-platform tool to lighten the burden of posting fresh content. In The Blogging Church authors Brian Bailey and Terry Storch explain that the easiest way to maintain an interactive […]