Use the Flickr Set Slideshows Plugin

If you want to do justice to your best photographic work at your WordPress blog, use the Flickr Set Slideshows Plugin. Flickr  is a huge worldwide network of amateur and professional photographers.  At Flickr you can organize your photos in large collections or smaller sets.  Here’s how to display a slideshow of one of your […]

Why Journalers Should Try Blogging, and How

This post tells why journalers should try blogging, and how.  A blog is a Web log, a journal kept online.  If you’ve already kept a journal with pen and paper, journaling online isn’t that much different. Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to publish. Type some words into window, drop in a picture for […]

How to Sell Ebooks and Audio Books from Your WordPress Website Using PayPal

Want to sell downloadable e-books or audio books from a WordPress website using PayPal (not credit cards)?  Then check out the easy-to-use and free WordPress plugin, Simple WP Shopping Cart. At Tips and Tricks HQ you can watch a video explaining how to set up this plugin, once it’s installed. To install the WP Shopping […]