How to Change the Viewing Size of Text on Your WordPress Website

The size of text on your WordPress website depends on the theme which is installed for your site.  Different themes have different default fonts.  For most the default font size is 12 points, but different fonts look different, even at a given point size.  If you find the text on your site’s pages is too […]

Why Redesign Your WordPress Site for Mobile Devices?

Why change your WordPress theme to accomodate mobile devices?  Read on! If you’re a regular visitor to CyberKenBlog perhaps you’ve noticed that it has a new look, and even more importantly, new functionality.  I did get many compliments on the previous theme.  People said CyberKenBlog looked professional, classy.  Maybe this new theme, Fastfood by Two […]

Welcome to WordPress Primer

Want to learn the fundamentals of maintaining a WordPress website?  I invite you to visit my WordPress Primer at  (See the overhead menu tab on the front page.) At I explain how training a web team and using WordPress for your website software can help your organization maintain a timely, informative, and popular […]