Website Tips for Smaller Congregations, Part 6


Use Pictures, Videos, and Sound Files to Get Your Message Across

While text is an indispensable medium for Web communication, it cannot be consumed in large quantities.  Computer screens, no matter how good, tire the eyes; and scrolling down to read more text gets wearisome quickly.  Pictures help to communicate without words, music adorns and entertains, and video uses both, along with story telling, so video is king of the Web media.

If your congregation is to have an influential Web presence, at least some of your members should know how to take and process digital pictures, record and employ sound files, and create and stream Web videos.  The hardware and software required to produce and disseminate such files are not terribly expensive or difficult to operate.  Visit for how-to articles and instructional videos. To learn about taking good photos for the Web, join the group Better Web Pics at, or consult, or


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