Working with Expired Film

When the clouds come out I love to put a polarizing filter on my Nikon F3 and shoot with slide film.  Film looks less crisp than digital, a bit more like a painting, it seems to me.  Plus, I love to work with a well made classic metal camera.  It’s a slower, more meditative way of photographing.  Below are some recent Spring photos I took within a five minute walk from my back door.  I used Kodak Elite 200.  It has expired, but the former owner kept it in a refrigerator, and so have I, so it produces nicely saturated exposures.  The “Fire in Spring” photo is a double exposure of Crocus blossoms superimposed on the bark of a Tulip Poplar tree.


  • Nihat Fidan from ATFA says:

    Hi Davis. I liked your pictures very much. I am praying for the day they start putting your pictures in museums.

  • TCDavis says:

    Thanks, Nihat. You are very kind. I have lots of fun taking photos, and I try to pass along the beauty that I see in God’s creation.

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