What’s the Best Way to Organize Bookmarks?

Every web browser (the program you use to visit websites) can save the addresses of sites you might want to return to later.  Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, calls these “favorites.”  Firefox, a free browser, calls them “bookmarks.”  With any browser you can organize favorites or bookmarks so that you can find them easily again (that […]

Learnings of a Newbie Tweeter

Tomorrow I have an appointment with friends to share with them a few things I’ve learned about Twitter.  I don’t pretend to be an expert.  In fact, I’m still a newbie myself.   But in the last few weeks I’ve been reading several books about Twitter and spending considerable time building my following, so I’ll share […]

How to Message a Twitter Friend Using More Than 140 Characters

Twitter is a great place to meet new people, and it’s a safe way to communicate with them without divulging your email address. As you’re getting acquainted, you may wish to exchange longer messages than the 140 character limit allows. Read on to discover how. Well of course, you could send a series of tweets.  […]