Why Journalers Should Try Blogging, and How

This post tells why journalers should try blogging, and how.  A blog is a Web log, a journal kept online.  If you’ve already kept a journal with pen and paper, journaling online isn’t that much different. Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to publish. Type some words into window, drop in a picture for […]

Free Online Tools and Techniques for Small Group Studies

A friend asked whether I could recommend some online tools to help small groups use the Internet for Bible study.  The mostly free tools and techniques I mention below would be useful for any faith community. I’d suggest that you open a Google group for email discussion.  This form of communication encourages thoughtfulness, because it […]

How to Restore Margin Links in Your Gmail Inbox

Recently a friend whom I introduced to Gmail complained that he could not find links in the margin of the newest version of the Gmail inbox.  I can’t find “Sent Mail,” he said.  I can’t find “Drafts.” Here’s how to restore these familiar and handy links: 1. When viewing your Gmail inbox click on the […]