How to Put an External Link in a WordPress Navigation Menu

Do you know how to put an external link in a WordPress navigation menu? (On most WordPress sites that’s the horizontal menu that runs across the top of the page.) Ordinarily the links in that menu connect to pages or posts of the site. You might want, however, to link to some external resource on […]

Recent WordPress Security Issues Reported by

Although WordPress has been making important security progress, such as promoting strong passwords and implementing automatic updates, there are still some recent WordPress security issues reported by  I have permission to quote from their recent newsletter: We have several new WordPress related vulnerabilities to report. When we use the phrase “in the wild”, we […]

Beware Email Appearing to Come from Dropbox

Beware email appearing to come from Dropbox.  A gang of hackers from China may be pfishing you by sending you a fake but very authentic looking email.  If you open the document in that email, your Dropbox account will become stage number one in a two-stage attempt to use a WordPress blog as the host […]