Let Me Tell You About Linux

Let me tell you about Linux.  No, not Linus, that little “Peanuts” nebbish with a blanket.  Linux! That’s a free operating system that you can install all by yourself.  “And why would I want to do that?”” you may ask.  Well, here’s how I came to Linux, back in the 80s when it was just […]

What’s the Best Operating System for a Cyber Shepherd?

The best operating system for instructing others in a cross-platform environment is Windows.

Windows Users Will Love WUBI, the Easy and Safe Way to Install Ubuntu Linux

Windows users, with WUBI you can install Ubuntu, a fast, stable, and free Linux operating system. I’ve been experimenting with various distributions of Linux for years, and I find a WUBI installation the easiest of all, mostly because you don’t need to worry about partitioning your hard drive.  With a WUBI installation the Ubuntu files […]